Friday, January 17, 2014

70s Physics Team Coach Vintage T-shirt (unworn)

Can you just imagine the glee in the hearts of the students who presented this gift to their Physics Team coach? 

After months of training and competing and learning formulas together, they came up with a present that he would be sure to love. 

Would he wear it to school? To mow the lawn? To the grocery store? 

Nope. The tags are still attached. He wore it nowhere. 

You can change that! Give this shirt a life. Physics Team Coach 70's vintage t-shirt on Etsy.

- Some Nancy Drew research indicates this shirt is likely to have belonged to Mr. Moore, the science teacher from Zionsville Community High School, Indiana.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Think Before Posting about Sickness

I recently saw an Etsy seller's instagram photo of a thermometer with a 103+ degree reading. This person had the flu. My immediate thought was "Damn! Even if I wanted to buy a ____ from him, I would wait at least a week." Call me crazy but I don't want somebody with a high grade fever handling the things that I buy.

I am not an extreme germaphobe. I could not be an extreme germaphobe and spend 5-10 hours weekly in thrift stores! But I do try to avoid contagious people, and that includes vendors of all kinds - foods and crafts.

Everybody gets sick - it's natural. And I know posting a picture of your thermometer, or tweeting about your head cold, or facebooking your kid's stomach virus is showing the true, real, authentic side of your life, but I entreat you as a seller to think about the message you're sending your customers - order from me, germs guaranteed! 

This is just one person's opinion, and the person is not a microbiologist.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Authentic Vintage Charlotte Hornets Gear - Purple and Teal

The Charlotte NBA team announced yesterday that not only will they go back to the old name - The Charlotte Hornets - but they're going back to the old school colors!
Charlotte Hornets Larry Johnson Jersey

Purple and Teal is back!
Charlotte Hornets Sweatshirt

We have lots of the old AUTHENTIC fan gear from the late 80's - early 90's.
Charlotte Hornets Starter Jacket

 Check it out: vintage Charlotte Hornets tee shirts, golf shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, and license plates from Skippy Haha Vintage on Etsy.
Charlotte Hornets Front License Plate


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Behind the T-shirt: Something Else Sweatshirt

A new addition to the What the Flock vintage shirts with funny words series is: SOMETHING ELSE.

The story behind this is that I find myself calling my dog 'something else.'

 He is full of energy and mischief and comedy and often I say, "Pouncey, you are something else."

Pouncey (R) puts moves on Maizey (L) 
Kareem is something else. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Top 6 Vintage Halloween Costumes

The world does not need another Sexy Black Cat this Halloween. Be different! Be funny! Be comfortable!

1. Be a Rabbit Chow salesperson.  (carry a stuffed animal rabbit and some carrots)

2. Be a Chop Stix Express Delivery Person. (wear an Asian lampshade hat and carry a box of chow mein)

3. Be Michael Jackson from "Beat It"  (no one wants to be defeated)

4. Be a Beauty Pageant Contestant. (wear a big wig and a tiara)

5. Be a Hot Dog salesperson. (carry a bag of buns)

6. Be the Captain and Admiral of the "Breezy" yacht. Easy funny Two Person Halloween Costume:

These costumes are easy, quick, cheap, comfortable, and reusable, and it won't take you 10 minutes to remove them to take a piss.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1986 Pound Purries Cat in Original Box

In the mid 80's, a stuffed animal was created which introduced kids to the idea of "Adopt a Shelter Pet." They were also riffing on the success of the adoption concept behind Cabbage Patch Kids.

The plush toys were called Pound Puppies (dogs) and Pound Pur-r-ries (cats). They were available in two sizes - big and small - and came in a box that looked like a chain link kennel.

Each pet had a PP logo on its butt.

Each pet came with care instructions, and a mail-in offer for a pet ID name tag.

They spawned a TV special, TV series, and a feature film.

Way to go little shelter pets!

Loveable, Huggable 1986 Tonka Gray tiger cat Pound Purry in original box available here.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Great Smoky Mountains - Cherokee Black Bear Waving Hello

the black bear on this t-shirt seems to be waving his paw.

which would be strange except that i know from experience that bears have very flexible wrists.

look at that angle! the bear in the driveway last month looks like he's wearing jester shoes.

bear in the driveway

it's possible bears wave hello.

Great Smoky Mountains Cherokee Waving Bear T-shirt click Defunkd

Great Smoky Mountains Cherokee Waving Bear T-shirt click Etsy